5 reasons why the Kindle Fire stands out.


In the past year we have seen the launch of multiple tablets, some with their own operating systems, and many with the Android OS. Since the launch of the iPad, OEMs have scrambled to get in this space. They have a better chance against the iPad than they did with the iPhone thanks to the Android OS.

Almost every hardware manufacturer is rolling out its own Android powered tablet. Currently the Android tablet suffers from what Steve Jobs noted, “Fragmentation”.  A bevy of sub par tablets have flooded the market and consumers are stuck with them, lacking support or upgrades. Companies like Samsung, Motorola are gaining ground against Apple in the tablet space.

Many tablets currently available lack a long term commitment by their manufactures, e.g. HP discontinuing the WebOS tablet and terrible support from the manufacturers. Apple has a long term commitment to the iPad and this reassures consumers. The acquisition of Motorola mobility by Google may be the best thing that ever happened to Android.

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